"Seeking the Unknown"

Paranormal Investigation Services
Office of Fact Finding
 Cryptozoology and Ufology Division

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We are dedicated to exploring and researching
that which is unexplained in nature and the skies.
No, we are not ghost hunters, we are a group of
cryptozoologists and ufologists dedicated to finding
answers to these unexplained phenomena
and proving or disproving their existence.


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Latest Big Foot Sighting (Source ABCnews.Com)

is defined is beyond the range of
normal experience or scientific explanation.

Cryptozoologist is best defined as one who
studies unknown animals most notably:
Bigfoot (Sasquatch)
the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)
Thunderbirds (Rocs) etc.

Ufologist is best defined as the study of
unidentified flying object (UFO) reports,
sightings, and alleged physical evidence.

We strive to be investigators, and therefore
perform our interviews as investigators.

Our ultimate goal is to explain the
unknown to make it known.

Your Contact Is Welcome:
P.O. Box 1357 Roanoke, TX 76262
Phone 502.713.4720


How we operate:
We strive to be different,
we are not solely Bigfoot hunters
or Roswell researchers, these areas
are very well documented. While we do,
and will follow up on these cases we
also seek all other cryptid species,
and reports of unidentified flying objects.

We perform our research in a systematic
way, starting with reports received from
you, the general public.

Many sightings go unreported because
of fear, ridicule, or retribution.
Let it be known that no one has anything to
fear by reporting to one of our researchers.
We will not disseminate any information
regarding the person reporting the
sighting without their permission.
Please feel free to contact us through
the anonymity of email and written
letters to report your sightings.

If you would like to be contacted please
leave your contact information and
a researcher will contact you as soon as

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